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Templates! Presets! Freebies! Oh My!

I have just release three new items over at so hurry over to take a look and let me know what you think.

Halfpipe Theater – HD

A cool new template with colorful backgrounds and a unique presentation for your photos and still images (sorry no video clips for this one)

AELooks2 – Presets

40 new effect presets that create many popular “looks” including Infared, Fashion Magazines’ Style, Lomography, Cross Processing, High Contrast Black and White, Glows and many more

Medical Text – Freebie

A free After Effect project that features a unique look to display medical information and text. (requires Trapcode’s 3D Stroke and Starglow)


How to resolve the “After Effects warning: The sequence has X missing frames” error


If you have ever received this type of error while working with your templates, here is the problem and solution.

By default Adobe After Effects imports a sequentially numbered set of images as a “sequence” or movie where each frame is a separate file. If there is one or more frames missing you will get this error.

The simple solution is to deselect the “Import as Sequence” checkbox in the lower left corner of the replace/import dialog box as seen below. This will allow you to import one single image file.



Speed tip for templates!

3D layers and motion blur in After Effects require a good amount of rendering time, but here is a quick tip that can help reduce your wait, and have your templates rendered in less time.


Free After Effects Audio Fade Presets

Adobe After Effects comes bundled with tons of useful presets and templates, but there are no presets for a simple Audio Fade. I do this manually all the time, it doesn’t take long but it finally dawned on me that I should just make a small little preset that creates the audio fade keyframes for me. So here are my Audio Fade Presets for you to enjoy too.

You can download them for free at:


Simple Keyframe Looping

Every once in a while you will create an animation that you would like to repeat or loop for the course of your composition. Using this simple expression in After Effects will save you time and give you some flexible options to loop your keyframes that you may not have known existed.